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5 things to consider when deciding on your ceremony location

Here are some things to think about when choosing your I DO spot:

1. If you are having a beach wedding, make sure you check the tides so that your ceremony doesn't get washed out to sea!

2. Sun - think about where you would position your arbour or backdrop so that you won't be squinting and looking right into the sun. No one wants to see you wearing sunglasses, not good for photography!

3. Will there be enough room for your guests and your styling? Check that the area is fairly flat and generous so that your hire equipment sits nicely on the land and your guests won't be wobbling around on their chairs.

4. Parking - is there adequate parking for all your guests and is access to the location easy to find? If not, think about putting a map for your guests on their invitation so they know exactly where they can park and how they can find your ceremony.

5. Privacy - look, not everyone wants to have a ceremony and include un-invited guests! So think about passer-bys and if you want the general public to hear your wedding story or if you'd rather have a secluded spot away from all the crowds.

Those were just a few suggestions for you, happy hunting! And if you'd like some recommendations of locations on the lower end of the Sunshine Coast, we are the experts and can help you decide.

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