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Why should I have a wet weather back up plan for my outdoor wedding?

There is always so much to organise and consider when planning your outdoor wedding. One of the big things you must not forgot on the large list of things to do is put in place a plan B in case of incremental weather. Mother Nature is in full control of her own moods, and unfortunately the weather is something we cannot know or predict or control.

Make sure you plan this far enough out so you aren't rushing around last minute, trust me I've seen it a few too many times in the past. Since Covid our weather has changed so much! So who can help you with ideas for your back up plan?

  1. Talk to your ceremony stylist as they can give you advice or contact suppliers to help get this plan in place.

  2. Talk to your reception venue to see if they can assist you should the unthinkable occur. Often, they will have an area that they can clear for you to have a little cosy ceremony. Or perhaps your accommodation is another good option?

  3. Find a Location with some covered areas outdoors that can also work for you, there are the odd shelters in more public places however this is better than no shelter at all.

  4. Put on standby a wedding marquee to keep you dry should the bad weather look imminent.

Don't leave it to chance, and then work yourself up into an unnecessary stressful state right before one of the most important days of your life.

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