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5 of our favourite flowers for your wedding day

Choosing flowers for your wedding day can be quite the challenge! A few things for consideration are the colours of your dress and your bridesmaids, perhaps the location of your wedding. If you are having a country feel or a seaside vibe then this often helps to lean into a certain colour palette. There really is so much choice and it can be a tough decision!

Some of our all-time favourite princess statement flowers are:

*Ranunculi's, very intricate with a lot of texture and they come in some really pretty colours!

*Peonies, these are a classic and staple favourite. Big faces with a lot of depth as well - but an important note, here in Queensland we have only about 4 weeks of year where these are available. If you REALLY must have these then plan your wedding for late November early December.

*Dahlias, these also come in some wonderful vibrant colours and are a show piece in any arrangement. We particularly love the deep dark red colours in these flowers.

*Lisianthus, these are very similar to a rose, but again so delicate and have some pretty buds that enhance any bouquet. They mainly feature in soft and pretty pastel colours.

*And finally you cannot go past the David Austin rose, like the ones you used to pick out of your grandma's garden. The cottage rose which has such beauty and presence. Like the Peony, they can be on the pricey side, but so worth it for your wedding day!

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