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Wedding day traditions or first Look?

We've had the privilege of attending numerous weddings over many years, and each one has been uniquely different from the next. This diversity is what keeps our work so thrilling!

In the traditional wedding scenario, one partner arrives at the venue ahead of the other, eagerly awaiting the grand procession down the aisle.

However, modern weddings have introduced a refreshing twist to this age-old tradition. Couples now have the opportunity to see each other well before the ceremony, sharing an intimate moment as they catch their first glimpse of one another. This precious moment is beautifully captured by their photographer, followed by a series of couple photos before the official ceremony commences.

We wholeheartedly embrace this contemporary approach for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it relieves the pressure associated with the grand entrance, as there's no need for an anxiety-filled buildup. Secondly, the pre-ceremony photoshoot allows for more efficient time management, reducing the gap between the ceremony and the reception. Additionally, it affords couples the chance to spend quality moments with their loved ones, eliminating the need to slip away for photographs immediately after the ceremony.

Why not consider giving this innovative wedding schedule a shot?


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