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Having a Noosa wedding? Then check out these tips below for a stress-free wedding day!

Noosa is a very popular location for weddings. It attracts a huge number of weddings from couples from all around Australia and all over the world, dreaming of their destination wedding in Australia. And rightly so, with its magnificent pristine beach and national park, incredible scenery and wonderful climate all year round.

Most of the weddings take place in the leafy groves that face out to Noosa's main beach. There are 4 popular groves available for hire for your wedding ceremony. Starting near the entrance to one of the carparks is Laguna Grove, and strolling along the pathway you will then see Hidden Grove, Casuarina Gardens and finally Masion La Plage.

If you are planning a Noosa beach wedding these are the top things to consider when planning your day:

  1. Schedule your wedding outside of events and holidays - choose a date that is non-peak and away from all events and holidays that take place throughout the year. This will allow for a more relaxed and less crowded wedding day. Check the Visit Noosa Website calendar before booking your date: Visit Noosa | What's On

  2. Always have a PLAN B - outdoor weddings beside the ocean are amazing until the weather decides to pack in! Make sure you have a really great back up plan option in place well before your wedding day to alleviate stress.

  3. Parking - Noosa is busy all year round, so make sure to let your guests know to arrive at least 45 minutes before your ceremony starts to allow time to locate a park and walk to your ceremony location. Walking can take anywhere from a few minutes to 10 minutes walk.

  4. Wedding signage - On the weekends Noosa groves can have a number of weddings happening, so be sure to have a wedding welcome sign at the front of your park area to let your guests know. I have seen guests turning up to the wrong weddings!

  5. Book a wedding planner! The last thing you want to do is be stressed on your wedding day and be setting things up and organising everything yourself or delegating it to one of your family members or guests! Everyone should be present, in the moment and relaxed and ready to celebrate and make incredible happy memories alongside of you and your partner. It's important to understand that hiring a professional who has been planning and has attended many, many weddings before will know how much detail, time and expertise goes into making a wedding happen! It will be the best investment you can make, and you will be so glad you did!


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