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Should I have an outdoor wedding?

When planning your wedding day there is so much to consider! One of the first things you think about is should I opt for an outdoor wedding ceremony or is it too risky with the rain? Choosing a venue that has a myriad of options for you can be great, however finding that perfect one certainly takes time.

On the Sunshine Coast, I love working at The Prideaux Estate in Ilkley and Tiffany's Weddings in Maleny. Both have gorgeous chapels, which takes away the angst and stress of worry about what the weather might do on your day. However not everyone has a budget for a chapel or sees themselves marrying in one.

We have some beautiful private venues that have some great covered balcony areas which can be transformed into a ceremony space if the weather turns bad. One of these being The Lakehouse Folk in Montville, the wonderful hosts here have a pop up marquee that can be erected at short notice. If you do choose an outdoor wedding, which is of course my favourite! It's very important that you have a plan b option in place such as your reception venue or your accommodation. Far too many times I have seen brides scrambling a few days prior to their wedding trying to lock in that back up plan!

Once you have booked your wedding in with me, we can chat through ideas together.


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