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Styling trends

When it comes to your wedding styling there is so much to choose from! Pinterest is now a brides best friend when planning the look and feel of your wedding - however it can get overwhelming deciding on exactly what look to bring to life.

Here are a few tips to help you choose your vibe or your special day:

  1. Create a mood board of all the styles you like, and then think long and hard about what resonates with you as people rather than what is the latest look at the moment. After all, you want to feel comfortable on your wedding day not awkward!

  2. Have a think about the environment where you will be holding your wedding and think of ways to enhance that space/location. Sometimes less is more! Go with classy over cheap and tacky.

  3. Selecting your colour palette can be hard, but perhaps start with your bridesmaids' dresses and go from here. Colours don't have to match exactly, in fact having shades that tone back with each other works beautifully!

  4. Be careful when selecting white roses to match in with your wedding dress. There are so many shades of white, you are often best to add other colours into the mix to break up the colours o they don't clash. Greenery always works and adds so much character and texture.

  5. Mixing and matching can really work, you don't necessarily have to ensure your ceremony styling is the same as your reception styling - especially if you have two different locations for each of them. Again, look at your environment and work it through from here.

  6. Chat with your stylist to assist you with ideas, colours and textures that really look great together, after all we are the experts in the field!

Photo credit: Images by Lou O'Brien


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